Great (Rec/Depr)ession

The Great Depression.  What brought us out of it?  World War II.  How?  Because we had a manufacturing infrastructure lying dormant for a decade, and when we joined the war, we opened our factories again and made everything.  Guns, ammunition, tanks, medicine.  You name it, America made it.

Now we’re in a Great Recession.  The only reason it’s not called a depression is because the bailouts propped the evil banks up this time, so it’s not a total collapse.  The businesses are still more or less in tact, even if the unemployment is just as high.

But something is different this time.  We’re in a war.  Two wars, if you will.  It’s plunging us deeper into debt, and America’s economic machine is not pulling us into more prosperous times.  Why?

Because the bulk of our manufacturing is outsourced overseas to keep prices low.  We use more fuel than we can produce.  Instead of pulling us out of a depression, the Bush war is keeping us in it.

I'm sure there are other factors I’m not considering, but the connection strikes me hard.

(This subject seems to be on my mind a lot lately.  I wonder why.)


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