Bizarrocon 2010

Got back from Bizarrocon 2010. I've been to a couple cons before, but Bizarrocon was different.

For one thing, it was a convention full of other writers. Writers are great to talk to. Most people talk like, "Well, it's know..." "I was, like, *ten second pause* you know what I'm sayin'."

Writers don't do that. Writers know the words to use, and damn it they USE THEM! I liked that.

Also what I liked was how little internet shorthand there was in conversation. Nobody said, "Dude, el-oh-ELLL!" Followed by, "Oh-em-eff-geeeeeee!" Followed by lolling. Bugs me when people talk like that. I didn't hear any of that at Bizarrocon, and I was so relieved.

Was a great convention. Good to meet different people. People who share my goals. I've never been around other writers before and it was refreshing.

Bought a lot of books. Laughed a lot. Glad I was part of it.


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