We Wish You A Turtle Christmas / and / Now that gas prices are "down"

We Wish You A Turtle Christmas

How do things like this even get made?? Thank God I never saw it when it came out. I thought The Next Mutation was bad!

In other news, I came across this news story on yahoo: Worst-selling cars of the year

Small cars in general aren't selling as well now that gas prices have fallen and pickups and larger vehicles are making a comeback.

What a short memory we have, eh? When gas broke 4 bucks a gallon, everyone was scrambling for smaller cars this, fuel-efficient that, green this, alternative fuels that. But now gas prices are all the way down to $2.90 a gallon, suddenly no one seems to care about reducing our dependance on oil. Cars that need less gas are suddenly dropping off in sales. Well, don't forget: as soon as gas prices spike to 4, 5, or 10 bucks a gallon again, we'll all be wishing we'd kept up the efforts before it was a problem.

Don't stop! Things are not ok! Gas used to be a buck fifty a gallon before 2003! We got used to it, but things are not ok! They're only going to get worse! Keep up the effort! Buy those fuel efficient cars! Invest in alternative fuels! Don't stop now that there's no need to panic! There will be later on if stop now!


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