New story: Pain is Revenge

"What is your name?"

I lift my head from the padded floor. A pair of eyes is staring at me through the slot in the door. I'm used to this. For many years now humanity has been nothing more than different sets of eyes staring at me. It has been a long time since I saw a human face. If I had been born and raised in this room, I would have grown up believing human beings existed as pairs of eyes at this door slot. These eyes are unfamiliar.

"Valerie," I say

"Hello, Valerie," say the eyes.

They sound too interested to be a doctor's eyes. Like they are genuinely interested. Like they care. Like they have just seen something that surprised them. The eyes look me over from head to toe.

"What happened to your feet?" say the eyes.

Part of the Under the Knife anthology from Cruentus Libri Press.

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