I Read Odd Books review of my happy little book

It's gotta be the first, serious, in-depth review of Felix and the Sacred Thor.


i want to apologize for making Ms. Dalton twitchy:

I have to be brutally honest here and just get the negative out of the way. This book contains two things I loathe deeply: references to gaming and forced sodomy. Seriously, the former is an irritant and the latter is an OMG because I just get freaked out by the image of so much non-consensual buttsex.

I'm sorry...but let's be honest: men love forced sodomy! It's fun! It's entertaining! And if you combine it with video game references, you're guaranteed to hit that 18-24-y/o-white-male demographic.

Ok, in all seriousness, I'm glad she kept on reading even though it made her squirm a bit. She still got it, and she found the words to express it. That takes skill (and guts).

Thank you again, Anita, for giving us nobody authors a day to stand naked in front of the world and show everyone what we have. I'm proud to do so....because nobody but me has a Thor.....


  1. You wrote an excellent book and it was worth every twitch. Sublimely bizarre and informative because I now know a lot about horse sheaths!


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