Inertial Catalyst



...those became dangerous experiments...

...dangerous solutions became an...


...inertial observer, which created the...



The Archeons Series

Archeons, book 5


"Why are you provoking him?"


A living antisphere is causing death and destruction on other planets. Deka, Sonjaa, and Kylac have faced it before. It is the disembodied animal instincts of the fox who destroyed their planet years ago. It’s outside the universe, trying to come back.


On Earth, Rive keeps pulling CJ away from the legal case of a lifetime to interview households hosting raptors and foxes. People are getting along well with the Relians, but a few powerful humans are not happy about this, and they have the power to make others afraid of them, too.


Everything is part of the plan.



available wherever books are sold.

[cover art by Valentinapaz ]

[editing by Alex Phengsavath


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