Inertial Observer




We had dangerous thoughts...


...those became dangerous experiments...

...dangerous solutions became an...






The Archeons Series


( Book 4 is meant to be a jumping-in point for the series. In theory you could begin here and everything should still make sense. The preview chapter is a government document which serves not only as a recap but an introduction to the species, the concept, and the backstory. )


 Archeons, book 4

“People like you are holding your species back.”


The survivors of the disaster that destroyed the planet Rel have relocated to Earth. Raptors and foxes have taken up residence with human volunteers all over the world to help them integrate. The aliens want to help in whatever ways they can, but human society places so many restrictions on them.

Meanwhile, Deka, Kylac, and Sonjaa try to teach their human hosts what the people of the contacted universe value. Humanity is an isolated species, and it has much to learn if it wants to leave Earth and join the greater community of alien civilizations, but this wealthy family has other priorities.

The disaster left everyone scarred. Sonjaa keeps having waking dreams of killing people. Kylac has willingly given up his ability to open portals to other planets. Now Deka must deal with an entity from outside the universe. An entity who has taken personal interest in them and is haunting the house like a ghost until they give it what it wants.



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The earliest forms of this idea began as a series of video game stories. I was barely a teenager when I crafted them. My big idea was to make video games, then have movie versions adapt the story, and then make a TV series to continue where the movies left off. Very ambitious.

As I got older, I realized it was hard enough getting a game off the ground, let alone a film trilogy. Solidifying the idea in book form would be much easier. Nonetheless, the idea seemed to retain this hemispherical format of the first half being movies/games set largely off Earth, and the second half being a TV series set on Earth.

Dangerous Thoughts, Dangerous Experiments, and Dangerous Solutions formed the first arc. The second arc, beginning with Inertial Observer, would be where the TV series took over and told stories of raptors and foxes adjusting to life on Earth while the main characters went on adventures and fought villains trying to stop the integration process and otherwise maintaining relations with other planets.

I had intended to end the series at just 3 books. But then... my mind would not let it go. The story had to continue. This meant the entire second arc was unplanned. The idea just kept getting bigger and bigger, incorporating more and more ideas I had once considered unfit to include in the series.

Thus begins the second arc.


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