Language is the biggest barrier to communication

You know what’s bullshit? People who don’t say what they mean. I get it at work all the time. Does any of this sound familiar?

“James, do you wanna hop on cash register for me real quick? Thanks, I really appreciate it!”

“James, would you like to go out and get carts?”

My answer would be: "well, since you asked...NO!"

And people also do this a lot:

"If you would take five minutes to go and clean the bathroom, that would be awesome."

"If everyone would pause and help the customers in your area, that would be wonderful."

Yes, it would be awesome if we did that, and it would be awesome if I cleaned the bathroom ...are you telling me to clean the bathroom? Oh, well, you didn't say that! People in general do it.

“Do you wanna take this bag for me and recycle it?”

“I'll let you take this candy wrapper to throw away.”

“Do you wanna call another store and see if they have a pair of shoes for me?”

My answer to all these questions would be FUCK NO, but I know they’re not asking me a question--and don't make it sound like you're doing me a favor giving me your trash! Don't turn it around and make it seem like you're giving me a choice! They’re telling me what to do. They state an order in the form of a question to make it seem less like an order. I hate it. How do we expect to understand each other when we don't make ourselves clear in the first place?

No wonder nothing gets done in this world. Language has become a huge barrier to communication. I implore everyone to say what they mean!


  1. Whenever a waitress asks me to pay when I'm ready, I always think "How about never?"

  2. Yeah, there's all this "undercurrent" in everything we say! Again, no wonder nobody understands each other! Thank God for emoticons! :-D :-) Thanks to these things, now we can finally know what people are talking about!


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