First Haul complete

I'm making too many mistakes. I don't think I can carry this to the end. I have written 270,000 words altogether and it's time to admit I am exhausted and I have shut down. Too much can change when I draft this project, so any ending I write may become obsolete. I think it's better to end this session now.

I cannot write the ending, which pisses me off because I want to FINISH! I want to reach the END! My oldest idea--my biggest idea!--I want to finish it and I can't. I am just plain worn out. As much as I want to push through to the end, I shouldn't. I pretty much know how the series will conclude, but first I need to make sure everything that came before it is solid.

So I have concluded this first push. Been writing since September 6. What a haul that was.

And what am I doing? I don't have a publisher, and I'm writing all this?? What the fuck am I doing?


  1. You're writing an epic work that will rock the genre to its foundations. Now, take a break and get back on the horse! After all, it is amazing and tastes just like raisins...

    1. I hope it rocks :-)

      Meantime, yup, horses are amazing!


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