Commercials for cancer treatment?

Why have we reached a point where cancer is so common, treatment centers need to advertise? Not just Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I've seen others. In spite of all the research and funding and "awareness," why has cancer become so prevalent the treatment of it needs commercials?

Something is wrong. Gives some credence to the theory that there's a conspiracy to keep people sick to sell more medical treatments.

Why do we seem to have so much cancer nowadays in the first place? Is it really because we're just better at diagnosing it, or is it because our food and air are so full of pollutants and carcinogens that it really is on the rise?

[Edit:] Industrial pollution is downplayed these days as no big deal, but it still is. Various carcinogens and toxic substances are everywhere, even if you don't live near a factory. It's in the water, the air, the soil, our food. Our world is full of toxins. Chemical processes in food manufacturing, storage and treatment contribute to it. All the chemicals that make up our everyday life, and the ones that are byproducts that contaminate the air, soil, food, and water, accumulate in us over a lifetime. Of course it affects us.

To cut to the root of the problem, we'd have to get rid of all the plastics that touch our foods. All the pollutants and chemicals in the ground and the air. All the genetic modification. All the chemical processing that goes into our food supply that's not revealed in the nutrition facts. Cut back on the use of unnatural products and processes in general.

Good luck with that. Too much money to be made from all sides. Our modern society sustains our way of life, even as it kills us.


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