Already tired of keeping up

There are so many things I want to write. So many new ideas that intrigue me, but what's the point. I can’t even get people to read my tweets... Let alone a blog or website.

Nobody cares about blogs anymore. Everyone’s on youtube. Roommate suggested I start a channel to gain exposure, but what the hell could I do on youtube? I was raised in the era of blogs. I don’t have a clue what I would talk about in videos that someone else isn’t already doing, or why anybody would listen.

Is it enough to be an author these days, or must I also be an online performer?

The same problem remains: how do you get noticed? Everybody is on youtube now. Everyone is reviewing stuff. Everyone is a performer. Hardly anybody is getting noticed. Felix and the Sacred Thor failed to get me attention, and if that didn’t work, what will?

Geeze, I’m only 35 and I’m already tired of trying to keep up.


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