Dangerous Thoughts... teaser

Their planet was ripped apart from under their feet. When Deka and Kylac wake up, they discover Archeons are dead, and the portals have closed without warning, leaving hundreds of planets without links to other worlds.

Rel’s destruction touched every planet in the contacted universe. Without the portals, entire civilizations hang in the balance, and Deka and Kylac are the only two who can make spacetime spheres. The raptor and the fox travel from world to world, repairing the damage the disaster caused, preventing civilization from collapsing.

Floating islands drifting through the toxic atmosphere of a gas giant—offworlders are stranded there, just barely clinging to life. A planet of raised platforms made of growing rock that elevate the people above the flammable algae on the surface—everything is falling apart, and where are the people? A world of giant insects—researchers have gone missing, and they have been injected with mind-altering venom. A planet of salamanders and birdlike reptiles who relied on portals for food—facing starvation, the reptiles revert to hunting the salamanders.

What could have destroyed an entire planet?

What could have reached across the light years to kill so many Archeons at the same time?

Did anyone else survive?

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From KTM Publishing.

KDP version also available.

So excited to be able to release this at last. This series has been some 20 years in the making. I've had the idea in my head for about that long, and finally I wrote it. Just waiting for the proof to arrive to make sure everything looks good in print as the numbers predict they should, and then i will release it.

Editing by Renee Carter Hall

Cover art by ThemeFinland.


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