Why the Left Will Always Lose

Regrettably, the Left’s tendency toward inclusion and sensitivity to the feelings and needs and opinions of others is its weakness.

It means the Left moves slowly and can never agree on a course of action.

The Right, however, tends toward authority, screw other viewpoints and opinions—this is how it’s gonna be, if you don’t like it, go suck a lemon, and that’s how they will win.

The Right isn’t concerned with inclusion.

They won’t wait for everyone to agree or reach a consensus; it’s Fearless Leader’s way or the highway.

This is why a Marxist revolution can never happen, and why Marxism remains merely a critique of capitalism.

A revolution will always rely on a leader to say this is how things are going to be, and become a dictatorship.

A true Marxist democracy will never be able to agree on anything, and will get crushed by an authoritarian mindset.


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