The Camp of the Saints: review

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The Camp of the Saints
by Jean Raspail

I hated this book, but the story is well-written and kudos to the translator, Norman Shapiro. Doesn’t feel like a single thing was lost in the translation.

This is apparently Steve Bannon’s favorite book, so naturally I had to find out if it’s as bad as I heard. ( Turns out, it’s not a bad read, but wow the message it implores makes it the Atlas Shrugged of white supremacy.

It’s hard to summarize this book, as there’s so much going on, but let’s start with the book’s central pillar: a fleet of one hundred ships sets sail from India to France, carrying the poorest of the poor to Western shores in search of a better life. In search of paradise.

How does the West react? Why, the West does not react at all. In fact, this is the culmination of some grand scheme set in motion by The Beast, who is intent on destroying Western civilization:

The world is controlled, so it seems, not by a single specific conductor, but by a new apocalyptic beast, a kind of anonymous, omnipresent monster, and one that, in some primordial time, must have vowed to destroy the Western World. The beast has no set plan. It seizes whatever occasions arise.

How does it accomplish this? By instilling the West with a sense of White Guilt for all the atrocities it committed against the Third World and filling the white race with compassion for the Black Man, and thus the White Man allows the refugees to land, despite all the voices warning that this may be a bad idea.

Certain opinion leaders have been spreading the message to the masses that being white is a shame. That to have pride in being white—to have any sense of white identity and heritage and culture is forbidden. Liberals have successfully infiltrated the media and government and forced their ideals on everyone else—forced their sense of shame on everyone, leading the entire Western world to feel sorry for people with darker-than-white skin and want to invite them into their country so they can have the wonderful things the white man has. If only they knew what the refugees were really like.

The book describes the people on the ships as mindless zombies motivated purely by a hive mind. Their leader has no name and is referred to only as “the turd eater” and has a deformed child perched on his shoulders called “the monster child,” who everyone on the fleet seems to respond to, as if by telepathy. The descriptions of the people on this fleet are universally disgusting, portraying the foreign refugees as a hoard covered in piss, shit, and semen. They do not speak. They do not think or feel. They are animals coming to the shores of Western civilization, and their flight inspires immigrant residents of other Western nations to rise up and assert their presence.

But there are those who resist this. They have the courage to call it an invasion. To declare out loud that there are “differences” between the races. That some races are better than others, and these other races cannot be taught how to live in Western civilization. Liberals want to believe these foreigners are their fellow human beings and want to fellowship with them. Other white people in those nations have the courage to recognize the foreigners as filthy invaders, despite the liberal media trampling them into virtual silence.

Yes, the book’s heroes are the people who dare to declare, out loud, that being white is a good thing. That white people have nothing to be ashamed of—that white people are the spearhead of civilization and progress, and everyone else is a turd eater. They alone see the truth, and because the rest of the Western world won’t listen, it is letting foreigners into their midst. Foreigners who act as enemies within who will eventually destroy Western culture. Liberals, with the declaration that borders are irrelevant and unions are good and capitalism is bad and gay rights are the wave of the future—oh, Liberals are actively participating in the destruction of Western society, acting out white guilt in a collective manner and allowing the hoard of impoverished masses to take over.

That’s exactly what happens. Despite having months of warning and months to recognize that these foreigners are not humans at all but animal zombies who will invade Western nations and spread filth and violence wherever they go, it does not have the courage to turn them away, so consumed as it is by White Guilt instilled into the populace by some unseen Beast who wants to destroy Western civilization by introducing foreigners into their midst and overwhelming the white world until there’s nothing left of white culture.

The Beast has weakened the West (France in particular). It has infiltrated the government and compelled the military to have compassion for the Third World. It has influenced the media to make racism a dirty word, to make a sense of self-preservation into a sense of shame for one’s own race and weaken the will of the people so they will not resist when the Third World comes knocking, wanting the good life white people have. Once the fleet of one hundred ships lands on the shores of southern France, the people learn that the refugees from India they had held with such compassion as their fellow humans are only capable of rape and destruction.

(The only women in this story fall victim to rape by foreigners. Only one woman survives, and she does so by killing her foreign-born husband. Subtle.)

Only one country has the courage to declare to the world that it does not want these refugees within its borders—that the fleet of ships is carrying disease-ridden, filthy people, and the country does not want them there. This nation happens to be apartheid South Africa. Yes, the author portrays this country’s government as the only competent nation in the Western world because it has not been weakened by liberals but stands strong in its belief that white people are good and everyone else is an uncivilized invader.

The book poses the question: What if “racists” and “white supremacists” are actually the guardians of the civilized world, and to repress them is to bring about the extinction of civilization itself? It’s up to our heroes to make a last stand for the white race. It’s up to the White Supremacists—the vanguards of civilization itself—the epitome of sophistication and culture—to overcome the collective white guilt and resist the foreign invasion and try to save their culture. What would happen to the world if the racists were wiped out? Would there be anything left of civilization?

The book makes it clear that compassion for the Third World will bring the downfall of Western civilization. Immigrants are the first strike against Western culture, and the book makes it clear what Western culture is by contrasting fine wine, tablecloths, laws and justice with the refugees on those ships. Foreigners are portrayed as an unthinking hoard of zombies who wouldn’t know what a pair of shoes are for and would instead piss in them. The white man’s library of wonderful books is merely firewood or toilet paper to these people. The hoard of migrants will cover everything in filth and destroy it all, and the immigrants already living within Western nations will turn against the white man as soon as the opportunity arises, joining with their fellow migrants in the collective destruction of the white man’s culture.

Some might interpret this book to mean that the West is getting what it deserves—that the impoverished Third World is finally rising up and taking revenge for centuries of exploitation and how foolish of the West for thinking it could repress two-thirds of the world forever, but that’s not how the book is written. The author makes it clear that the West is civilized, and nonwhites are savages who cannot be redeemed, and now they have decided to assert their right to be in charge by way of sheer numbers, therefore letting them into our borders is tantamount to cultural suicide. Liberals are the enemy who will let in the foreigner and bring about the destruction of civilization itself, but the white supremacists recognize that some races are better than others, and the inferior races cannot be educated or brought up to the white man’s level for they will never understand how to use shoes, or appreciate fine wine. All the fruits of Western civilization are just pearls before swine to these people, so why treat them as equals? Why not take pride in being White? Why deny white heritage and claim our place at the top? Why not fight against the hoard?

Camp of the Saints is a horrible story written very well. I admit to losing track of who most of the characters were, but they’re irrelevant. The message is far more important. Half the book is characters speaking unnatural monologues but very meaningful to the theme. There can be no ambiguity here: the narrator is portraying white supremacists as the guardians of western civilization—the only people who see foreigners for what they really represent and what they will do to all the cultural progress the white man has made over the centuries. Liberals are the people who are consumed with white guilt and want to destroy Western civilization so the Third World can take over because they feel it’s what the white race deserves.

In fact, the fleet of ships sets sail because a white liberal who decries “Passports, countries, religions, ideals, races, borders, oceans ... What bloody rubbish!” plants an idea among the poor people along the Ganges. The idea that the West is where paradise lies. Why does he do this? Because he’s a liberal in unwitting service to the Beast and wants the West to fall, so consumed is he by a sense of guilt for being white that he wants everyone in the Third World to have the same life of culture and civilization that white people enjoy. The author writes a story about white supremicists being the only people who have the courage to guard Western culture from these inhuman, black-skinned, zombie invaders who threaten to rise up and destroy everything.

This book does not outright declare who is pulling the strings—who all these Liberals are working for, even without knowing it—but I think this is a (((dog whistle))).

Fuck this book.


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