WALL OF TEXT: DISNEY BECOMES THE NEXT PLAYBOY. This big-box retailer has a Wicca book section. Amusing to think of it as a demographic which can be marketed to. Note the Nightmare Before Christmas tarot deck. It's a strange property to put on a tarot deck. Even stranger to try to market it to the Wicca community. Anything for a buck. Must monetize all properties to all demographics! Must increase shareholder value! This leads me to think it's only a matter of time before Disney opens that infamous Porn Vault and releases it officially. Don't think it can't happen! Disney has R-rated movies to its name, and Playboy is essentially dead as a porn channel. Disney+ could one day offer official porn of Disney properties. I hereby predict we will see official Beast/Belle porn because the company is at that point where it must monetize everything it owns in every conceivable way if it hopes to keep increasing shareholder value. Welcome to the 21st century, where Disney becomes the new Playboy. Even sci-fi writers never went this far. (Based on a conversation I had on a telegram channel. Twitter thread link.)


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