OS X Lion

I don’t like OS X Lion. It fixed a bunch of stuff that wasn’t broken. Gestures especially.

Snow Leopard was simple: four fingers swipe up shows the desktop. Four fingers swipe down to show all open windows. Three fingers swipe left and right to go back and forth on Safari, as well as in Finder. Lion changes that so now you have to pinch three fingers outwards to show the desktop, two finger swiping sometimes goes back and forth but other times it doesn’t... There are so many gestures now it’s confusing, not intuitive. Not to mention you can’t customize them. Why?

I hate the iPhone-style scrolling, too. When there’s nothing left to scroll, the screen should just stop! It doesn’t need to keep scrolling to let me know I’ve reached the end! I hate the ugly, disappearing scrollbars, too. Really, there was nothing wrong with Snow Leopard. Apple didn’t have to change anything. Lion just makes my laptop behave more like an iPhone, and I didn’t want it to.


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