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The Angry Video Game Nerd

Every kid who grew up playing video games played at least one that made them want to scream! Well, then comes along James Rolfe, who channels all the hate and anger about those bad video games the rest of us kept inside for so many years.

Here's one of my favorite episodes. It's for a game I never played, but the way he describes it makes me believe I played it with him, sharing its putridness and suffering its lousy controls: The Wizard of Oz:

Here's another one: the Sega CD

James Rolfe has tapped into the deep-rooted anger of gamers everywhere, and made it funny!

His game reviews are great, but he also reviews entire retro systems, movies, and even board games. He doesn't just do angry rants. He has a great voice for professional-quality reviews as well, and he can sing praise as easily as he dishes out hate. He's going places.

Rolfe is also working on a feature film of the AVGN. I'm proud to say I donated to the cause and I hope he makes a good movie.


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