Story of my life

Everyone seems to have a "story of my life" axiom. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you something that always seems to happen to them. A repeating theme.

A day late and a dollar short is a popular one. People who complain they always seem to be just out of the timeframe for something, or just shy of meeting the minimum. I hear that one a lot.

My father always said he was always on the wrong side of the road. No matter where he drove, his destination was always on the other side and there was no easy way to get to it. Perhaps that was metaphorical as well, I'm not sure.

The story of my life seems to be I always get what I want as soon as I reach a point where I don't want it anymore.

One example that stands out in my mind happened when I was in the sixth or seventh grade or so. Early 1990's. I had fallen in love with a game called Nitemare 3D.

I must have played the shareware game a dozen times before I finally decided to buy the whole thing. I waited weeks for the game disks to arrive, I was anxious, I wanted to play the whole game so bad! However, my father had to go to Walter Reed in Washington DC for treatment, and that meant I had to go with them. We were gone for five days if I remember correctly, and my anxiety faded during that time. When we got home, the game was there. It had arrived while we were away, and by the time I played it, I had lost the desire. It was still a good game (for its time), but the point was I had to wait until my enthusiasm was gone before I played it.

That's just how things seem to work for me. It's one reason I hesitate for so long to buy anything. I try to wait until the enthusiasm is gone. If I don't, I end up not liking what I was so excited about, or it doesn't live up to my enthusiasm.

So, what's the story of your life?


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