Zeno Clash

Weird game. Weird art style, weird characters, off the wall gameplay. Think Final Fight or Streets of Rage in 3D from the first person. Every level is basically a boss fight, and you get to use your hands to beat the crap out of everybody.

It's repetitive. You'll fight so many people in the same basic way it gets old. It's frustrating at times trying to fight like this when you've got three other people punching you. I did a lot of running around to stay alive, which can also get awkward because though you run forward very well, your character seems to slow to a crawl when you try to run sideways, which makes it tricky to dodge anyone.

Every level is fight, fight, fight, run, dodge. Little else, and your companion character is totally useless. Eh, what NPC tagalong isn't?

As frustrating and repetitive as Zeno Clash is, it sure gets the blood pumping, and there is just enough story to make me want to continue. The revelation at the end is interesting, and more than enough to make the game epic as hell. I was disappointed the game is so short. I'm curious how the story continues. Hopefully the sequel will have more variety.


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