Favorite things around the net: Youtube

Spreading the word about random things on the net.

I link to youtube a lot because I'm usually too lazy to add pictures to everything I post. But sometimes I find some great videos there like these:


I don't think Pac-man will ever be made into a real movie, but this is fun. It would be totally ridiculous as a full-length film, but as a short it's perfect and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Portal would make a good movie. I think this proves it.

This was one of the first videos on youtube I ever saw. It still makes me smile.

Loscil's music set to an oddly hypnotic video.

I'm a SatAM fan. I think the Sonic universe should have followed the setup that series gave us instead of Sonic Adventure's universe. I'm not alone in this thought. This fan film makes the SatAM fan in me tingle! Everything could work with this setup. It really could. It's a bit amateurish, but just that it got made at all is amazing, and that it does such a good job reconciling the old Sonic with the new. Plus, they got Jaleel White to do Sonic's voice! Classy!

I can totally see this as a Michael Bay flick. If Battleship could get a movie version, why not?! It would be totally stupid, but maybe somebody could make it as a parody of modern filmmaking.


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