Favorite things around the net: Music Videos!

Spreading the word about random things on the net.

It's music video time!

Strangely catchy. DVA is weird, but fun!

One of the coolest music videos of Mike Oldfield's work ever produced. Let there be LIGHT!

Boards of Canada. This song makes a classic film really, really creepy.

Mike Oldfield's Magic Touch, one of the best videos to come out of Islands. Dated, but still looks pretty good by today's standards.

Maggie Reilly's Everytime We Touch. I don't get this video, but the song is just too good!

Fiona Apple did a great cover of Across the Universe.

I'm a fan of Loscil. Videos of his music are rare, but somehow this is fitting.

I'm not a big Michael Jackson fan, but Smooth Criminal is just plain cool.

Particle Man... and Tiny Tunes. Purely brilliant!

It is technically completely clean.

Enough to make anyone want a Mac.

I still love this. It's catchy and smart!


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