Carpal tunnel

I've written a dozen books, lots of short stories, lots of blog posts and reviews and journal entries. I've pretty much lived at a computer desk since high school. In all this time, I have never had carpal tunnel syndrome. Now I'm typing with a brace on my right wrist and am contemplating buying one for my left wrist if the strain doesn't ease up.

I switched from my computer desk to putting my laptop in my lap and sitting on the couch downstairs, hoping getting away from the mouse and keyboard will help.

I don't know what I'm doing different. I've written many books at that desk and never had a problem. Roommate suggested it could just be age, and I can't discount that possibility. I'm a little embarrassed I let this happen. I kinda prided myself on 20 years avoiding carpal tunnel, and now here I am, in the middle of writing another book, I got this slowing me down.

Here's hoping this works and it doesn't get worse. I do not want to be crippled.


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