I think it's already obvious what a Trump presidency is going to be. People warned about his running mate back when he first chose Pence, and now it seems likely the Republicans chose Trump because he would get the votes, but selected Pence to actually carry out the Republican's agenda in office. The hidden power behind the scenes, as we saw with Cheney in W. Bush's administration.

It would have to be this way. Trump has no idea what to do, so he's going to delegate power to the people who know. I think conservative voters are going to be sorely disappointed when Trump turns out to be the very establishment he promised to fight.

Then again, so was Hillary Clinton, even if to a lesser extent.

I don't think we'll get a crazy, bizarre presidency out of this. It's looking to be a very normal event as the transition happens. Trump is shaping up to be a hands-off president, and all the power goes elsewhere, with Drumpf as the charismatic performer in the spotlight distracting the people from what's happening behind the curtain.

In many ways, Donald Trump will be a blessing to the powers that be. The press will report on all the stupid stuff he says every day, meanwhile actual leadership will happen in the dark. He will be a wonderful distraction from the real news.


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