About Last Night

So... About that conspiracy theory of Trump being a Clinton plant to make her look good by comparison so we'd have no choice but to vote for Clinton.

Did it work?

Remember all those people who bitch and moan about politicians lying? Well, Donald Trump has done nothing but lie! He has blatantly made shit up in speeches. Everybody has called him out on that! Fact-checkers, comedians, the cable news--including Fox News!--and people voted for him anyway.

I predicted there were more Clinton lovers than haters out there, and I have never been so ashamed to be wrong in my life.

An extremely thin majority of The American People apparently wanted a B-list reality TV star as president [edit: thin majority of the electoral college, not the popular vote]. They wanted a guy who sounded nothing like a politician in high office to shake things up. They wanted somebody who wasn't part of "the establishment." They wanted a spoiled rich brat who inherited all his money, failed in every business venture he undertook, declared bankruptcy to get out of his failures, and then starred in a reality TV show to convince himself he was a great businessman. They'll get him, and I think they will find he was "the establishment" after all.

I didn't like Clinton much, but losing to Donald Trump is a fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

All right, conservatives. We'll try your brand of "hope and change." Enjoy your broken promises. We can hope Trump will be an earthquake in Washington that will shake things up, knock down a few buildings, and make room for people to rebuild things the right way. We can hope he will do something so fucked up the people will unite against him, and it will be the 60s all over again!

I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more subtle than that though. Republicans in congress backed him because they knew people would vote for him, and they think they can control him once he's in office. When Obama got into office, he stopped talking so loose and easy. The same thing will happen to Trump, and since he is very much part of the establishment, we can look forward to more cronyism.

My feelings have been wrong before; there's no way to tell what's going to happen now, but here's to hope and change!


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