Wall of Text: Church

WALL OF TEXT: CHURCH. I recently went to a memorial service for a person I knew. I haven’t been in church since my mother passed away. I expected us to be able to stand at the podium and share memories of the deceased. Instead, the pastor gave a mini-sermon about Lazarus. The gist of the message was that nobody understands what’s going on, so don’t even try because the world is a messed up place and we should all go to Jesus for our answers. I wanted to shout at him “What do you mean nobody understands what’s going on? What do you mean nobody knows why ‘things’ happen? Why are you telling people things are beyond our understanding but Jesus has the answer? We know why this person died! We know exactly what was wrong! We have answers, so stop telling us nothing makes sense so we should lean on Jesus for answers!” I remember how comforting it used to be to dismiss everything as unknowable so I shouldn’t even try to understand and just keep going to church and let someone else tell me what things mean. It’s only by getting away from such teaching that I’ve come to understand just how wrong it is. Things do make sense if you seek the answers. Church never gave me answers. The whole time I went to church, God never told me anything. So I started reading books. I watched documentaries. I read the news, multiple sources, lots of different sources. I found answers, and the world does make sense. To teach people that the world is unknowable so we shouldn’t even try to comprehend it should be a crime. Half the country is being told this. Half the world probably believes this, and filling people’s heads with such ideas is probably one of the major reasons nothing seems to be changing for the better. Screw organized religion. I would much rather have listened to people share memories of the deceased. https://www.rawstory.com/church-membership-after-donald-trump/


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