WALL OF TEXT: NFTs: Recently I’ve noticed this NFT/blockchain/crypto-currency thing has become aggressive. Lots of influencers and even large companies are getting in on the craze, telling us to buy NFT, or this company and that is investing in the future of Bitcoin or some other crypto-currency, and this worries me. All the signs of a bubble about to burst, and when everything crashes and burns we’ll discover the banks were deep in it and they’ll need to be bailed out, yet again. We’ll learn every bank plus every other company on the stock market was secretly in it way deeper than they should have been, and now their investments have fallen and they just need a bailout or they’ll have to fold and think of all those jobs lost. We’ve seen this happen several times in our lifetime, and if the trend holds true, taxpayers will foot the bill for the crypto bailout. I hope I’m wrong, but all the signs are there, and if companies like Ubisoft and Facebook are touting it, hundreds more are being quiet about the money they have in this, and we are in deep trouble when the bubble bursts.


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