WALL OF TEXT: Roe v Wade


WALL OF TEXT: Roe v Wade officially overturned. We saw this coming decades ago. Even scarier is that gay marriage is next, and anything to do with the trans community is also in the cross-hairs. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear that Americans have no rights. We have always been at the mercy of Supreme Court interpretation. So-called “free speech” could easily be reinterpreted, and suddenly your protest is illegal. Freedom of Religion could easily be reinterpreted to rule out yours (are you Presbyterian? Not faithful enough. Are you Catholic? Not Christian enough). The basis for this ruling is that the Supreme Court had no right to make such a ruling about abortion in the first place and the choice should be left up to the states, but that argument could apply to ANYTHING! What right does the Federal Government have to determine how a state chooses to handle its Black population, or its Latino population, or its bisexual population?—thus repeal all Federal laws and let states decide because the states should be able to decide anything. Funny how Conservatives want to leave such things as abortion up to the states, but when states choose to allow legalized weed, suddenly conservatives want strict Federal oversight on what States do. As white supremacists and the alt-right feel the country closing in on them, get ready for such things. It’s the only way they can protect themselves from the majority. Real change comes from the outside, not from within. I remember watching a movie in school about a Supreme Court decision (it might have been about Thurgood Marshall fighting for civil rights on behalf of African Americans, but I’m not sure which movie) that portrayed the Supreme Court justices perpetually on the edge of moral dilemmas. One character (portraying a real-life Justice) remarks to another that this seems to be how the court works: it makes a ruling and then 40 years later reverses it. This rang true at the time I watched it, but now I think it’s clear what SCOTUS really is. The Justices on the bench are not neutral parties on the edge of moral arguments. They are tools of political parties used to shape interpretation of law, and they always have been. The justices on the bench have an objective from the start, and once elevated to a position of power, they push their ideals onto Americans. Really, the very idea of a Supreme Court whose justices serve life sentences is absurd. We may as well call them a Counsel of Elders, something Western nations laugh at “uncivilized” countries for maintaining. The Constitution of the USA is like the Bible: it can be interpreted to mean anything one wants, its interpretation based on the biases and moral standards of the time and the people who want to use it for their own end. That’s a generous definition—the truth is that these mechanisms of government are being actively used for one party’s political gain. It’s always the Conservative party that never hesitates to use such tactics. Unless the opposing side becomes just as radical, the Left will lose, and the USA may very well descend into a dictatorship that exists purely to keep the rich in power no matter the cost. The Alt-Right is trying to secure its hold on America. The racist elements of American society are clinging to power. This is the first step of many. It is not about babies. It is not about women. It’s about people in power using their position to impose their views on others. Get ready for more.


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