Mirror refresh

You know I still see myself from the point of view of when I was a kid. I was happy. I was funny. I was imaginative and laughing and smiling all the time. What if I'm not like that anymore? What if my self-perspective needs updating?

I'm told I always look down. Always look like I'm going to kill someone. A very sad person now. Very negative, very stoic. Ten years working in [retail] has killed my joy, and my self-perspective hasn't caught up to the kind of person I've become. Thank you, life.

Isn't it amazing that we're completely unaware of the kind of person we are? Something big has to happen to force ourselves to refresh our view of the face in the mirror. I'm waiting for that to hit me again. Facing the truth is always painful, but it's the best thing that could ever happen to us.


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