The Archeons series

When a Relian canine glimpses what lies beyond the universe, it sets off a chain reaction that changes the life of every single person in existence. The revelation that reality is calculable, and so is life itself. He can’t control this perception, so he will destroy every planet he’s on until he figures it out.

A Relian pair, a raptor named Deka and a fox named Kylac, are the only two people able to travel between worlds, keeping civilization from collapsing when the network of spacetime portals goes out. They alone are capable of dealing with the person who is destroying planets. All of it is mere preparation to survive in the mysterious realm outside the universe. They will have to leave the universe to understand this place, or all life is condemned to be forgotten when reality dissipates.

Earth is involved in the events, but humanity is unable to join a larger community of extraterrestrial civilizations. Mankind’s base nature prevents this from happening, but perhaps there is hope the human race can transcend its animal ways. It may involve becoming something else entirely, and Relians are there to guide. A species of dragons, the Krone, takes interest in Earth, helping human civilization reach its inevitable end.

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...those became dangerous experiments...


...dangerous solutions became an...


...inertial observer, which created...


the inertial catalyst, the results of which left us with...


inertial anomalies



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