Seek the Original (abbreviated): Timeline

Sometimes there just isn't much to say about a book/movie comparison. So here's an abbreviated seek the original of:

(book by Michael Crichton. Movie: 2003 by Richard Donner)

Time travel is possible, and while excavating a medieval castle, a professor goes missing in the past. His students take a trip back to when the castle was new and in use and try to find him.

The narration describes NOTHING, leaving me blind the whole story, which is stupid characters making stupid mistakes. Example: Chris, a student along for the ride, is studying medieval technology and yet knows nothing about the customs of the time. I know the education system is over-specialized, but come on! And they just so happen to have a guy who speaks the Middle English of the time period fluently? Adding to the unbelievably, they go through with the joust instead of hiding and looking for the professor.

They were sent back there so they could blend in with the people and fetch the professor without incident. They sure do a good job of that, seeing as though they can’t breathe without getting into some kind of trouble that would be quite easy to avoid if they’d just stop drawing attention to themselves. I put the book down halfway through. Since I could not see or believe anything that was happening I had no reason to finish.

And the movie? All the same problems, but with no science to justify it! Stupid characters making stupid mistakes, and every problem they have would be solved if they would just stop drawing attention to themselves.

For example, why did they take the French guy with them? These people are supposed to be experts in the Medieval time period, and yet they don't know that the English HATE the French? Never crossed their minds his life would be in danger? Never? It's just one example of how stupid these people are, and it just keeps happening.


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