even Arnold Schwarzenegger... (Wall of Text Thoughts)

Wall of Text Thoughts: You know things are bad when even Arnold Schwarzenegger is now comparing Trumpism to Nazism. Liberals have been saying that for five years, and conservatives dismissed them as hyperbole and knee-jerk—oh everyone you don’t like is a Nazi. Well, now respected conservatives are saying it. Arnold spent 8 years kissing W. Bush’s butt, another 8 years trashing Obama and warning us about the evils of socialism. He never sucked up to Trump, but he wasn’t exactly telling people to be wary of him either, not that I heard. I guess the attack on the Capitol was a bridge too far. I hope that was too far for everyone, but would it be too far if Trump hadn’t lost the election? Really, people are only turning away from him because he lost. To watch our president incite a mob to storm the Capitol and then use that to pressure senators not to certify the election. He did this. He tweeted about it while it was happening—well, this is just what happens when you steal an election. Trump caused it. It was an intimidation tactic at least, an attempt to overthrow at worst. Trump outright tried to overthrow the government to keep himself in power. Nobody believed liberals when they said Trump might refuse to leave office if he’s defeated. It happened, and it was even worse than we feared. Nobody once said he might try to incite his supporters to storm congress if they don’t get their way. Trump started as an internet troll, and now he’s been impeached again. This is huge, and conservatives predictably tried to blame ANTIFA. Hard to do that when MAGA people livestreamed their actions, but conservative media has spun it their way and it can make everything seem like ANTIFA’s fault. Insurrection is on the table now. This country will never be the same. Biden... I hope you’re the man for the job. Please stop talking about unity and cooperation and compromise. We’re beyond that now. You can’t work with people who refuse to listen to reason. You can’t reason with people who only believe Fearless Leader. https://twitter.com/Schwarzenegger/status/1348249481284874240


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