WALL OF TEXT: CONTENT. I really should whip up some more stories to draw attention to my accounts. I’ve published books and short stories, but it seems only people who crank out lots of free material online get noticed, and only then will anyone want to buy their works behind a paywall. To compete with all the stuff out there you must crank out lots and lots of “content” yourself to have any chance of someone seeing what you do. We creative people on the internet are in a competition just to be seen in the ocean of content, everyone pumping out new material in ever-rising quantities to keep up with the quantities others are producing. The internet and social media have brought out a new phase of capitalism: the workers themselves must become factories cranking out new material and flooding the ecosystem, devaluing their own labor. What comes next? The factories must become factories to produce even more content in order to compete? Fractal Content Capitalism: automated content—no substance only quantity because that’s the only way to be seen—more and more and more—so much human beings are incapable of generating it at such levels—computers generate variations of the same thing automatically and flood all outlets at the same time hoping for one of them to stand out. When the sponge is saturated, you can only be part of the waterfall flowing from the faucet to the sink.


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