Aging Status Report

Changes I notice as I grow older:

I can't kneel on my knees as long as I used to. My knees ache when I do it too long. They never used to.

I can't handle the cold like I could before. My hands and feet start to hurt after just a few minutes. It's very painful. As a kid I used to be able to play in the snow for hours and hours. Now I can't even go 20 minutes in cold weather without my hands and feet giving me pain.

The hearing loss in my left ear is becoming noticeable.

Cuts don't heal as fast as they used to. Once upon a time if I got a cut or an open scratch, I'd just douse it in alcohol and leave it alone. It would heal in a few hours. Can't do that anymore--open cuts tend to stay open for days now. If I don't want it to become infected, I have to cover it with a bandage. This was a great shock to me when I realized it. I didn't think this would start happening until I passed 40. It's happening now...

The skin on my hands is incredibly dry in the winter. It turns red and if I don't use lotion it will crack and split open. This surprised me. I never had this "special need" when I was younger and I resent I need to do this at all.

Time is moving faster and faster. In my school years, summer vacation was a lifetime and the school year was three lifetimes. it took so long to get through a year, and at the end of the year it FELT like an entire year had gone by. Then between the ages of 18 and 25, the years went a little faster, but they still felt like lifetimes. Now... Years 25 through 29 have gone by like nothing. This is what I dread most of all. Time going by faster and faster, slipping away, and I can't stop it!


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