Favorite things around the net: Sonic for Hire

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Sonic For Hire

Just recently discovered this series. It's not very often i find an indie series on the net that actually makes me laugh. Most of it seems to take its cues from the crap on Adult Swim in that the people making it seem to think they don't have to bother coming up with anything original or funny. It just has to be awkward. Yeah... awkward is always funny. Bullshit.

But here's a series in which the creators actually took the time to come up with something. Sonic the hedgehog is out of work and is now doing odd jobs for other games to pay the rent. Here's the first episode

Real ideas, real jokes, clever mashups and reinterpretations of old games I remember. That's what makes this whole idea work. Someone actually put thought and creativity into this, instead of just making everything awkward and hoping people think it's funny. Here's another one, drawing attention to something about Kirby I never considered before.

I never noticed that Kirby's evil enemies are vanilla compared to what everyone else has to fight. Very dark, but very clever, too!

You can watch the entire series on youtube in less than an hour. It's worth the time for those of you who get a kick out of video game humor!


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