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The Demented Cartoon Movie

By internet standards, this is old. But anything I can remember (and quote!) ten years after I saw it has got to be worth mentioning again!

Below is a youtube version, just to have something to show on my blog, but it sucks because the sound is out of synch and the quality isn't as good. If you wanna see the whole thing click the link above to go to the homepage, the original source.

Yeap, the movie is half an hour long, and is nothing but stick figures blowing up, nuclear explosions, earth getting blown up, people throwing bombs at each other, stepping on random buttons and getting blown up, and a special word that causes nuclear explosions.

It should be dismissed as cheap and lowbrow, but somehow it's kinda brilliant. It starts off random, but then it coalesces into self-contained themes and tropes. It creates its own logic, its own methods, its own philosophy, and in so doing the movie becomes clever, genuinely funny and original. It's a wonderful, unique achievement! So go ahead. Waste half an hour of your life watching this. You'll be quoting it for years. I promise!

Zeeky boogy doog!


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