Dangerous Experiments


...those became dangerous experiments...

...dangerous solutions became an...


...inertial observer, which created the...


...inertial catalyst, the results of which left us with...

inertial anomalies


The Archeons Series


Part two of the adventure that began with Dangerous Thoughts


The survivors of the planet Rel are alone after all. Rel’s other two Archeons are still alive.

Rive’s fox has been pondering the nature of time and motion. He has figured out how to open portals outside the universe, and he is unable to control these new spheres as they grow, swallowing planets and entire civilizations. He is spreading destruction everywhere he goes, and he can’t stop.

Deka and Kylac are the only two who dare chase them, evacuating the survivors along the way, hoping to catch up and put an end to the destruction before more lives are lost, and hopefully before Deka’s mate dies again.

Joining them on the journey is Stephen, a man from Earth who yearns to see what’s beyond his planet. The people he meets will change his life forever, and perhaps his entire species.

Available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N1S93XH/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43689329-dangerous-experiments

From KTM Publishing.

Editing by Renee Carter Hall

Cover art by TomTC & Klongi


Continuing the history of this story from the previous page:

The Archeon series became much, much bigger than I expected, but I suppose since I'd been thinking about this idea since the mid-1990s it would have to. I didn't begin writing it until 2013, and I didn't finish until 2017. What began as a single story broken into 3 parts turned into two stories broken into 6 parts. It just kept getting bigger, and I was not in control.

The first 2 books were more or less planned in a broad sense (a few major turning points I wanted to hit), but events past the end of book 2 were not. Nonetheless, everything fit together as if I had a plan all along. This surprised me more than anything because I wrote each chapter the same way I had those adventures as a kid: total improv. I never knew how a chapter would resolve itself.

Though I often planned a planet and ecosystem and the two sentient life forms that would inhabit that place prior to writing a chapter, I rarely planned the story itself for that chapter. I let the story happen spontaneously so each chapter would feel like an adventure I could have had with one of my childhood friends. Exerting control over the situation would have made it feel too contrived.

The events in the Archeon series (and especially in this volume) caught me off guard. Deka's story arc was completely unplanned and surprised me every step of the way, and it even caused the story to expand in scope far beyond what I expected. I knew from the beginning Deka's mate, Sonjaa, was missing, but then while writing Xce (in Dangerous Thoughts), she showed up, and I did not expect that. Then she showed up again on the planets Faii and Neben in this book, and I didn't know what happened to her until the end of Dangerous Experiments. I kept writing because I wanted to find out what happened to her.

I wanted the text to have this same energy and mystery. It represents the way things used to work when I was a kid, when I inhabited multiple worlds all the time, and there was nothing on the outside to force me to live in this one.


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