Dangerous Thoughts



...those became dangerous experiments...

...dangerous solutions became an...


...inertial observer, which created the...


...inertial catalyst, the results of which left us with...

inertial anomalies


The Archeons Series

 For those of you who want adventure in your lives, I have a new book in print.


Their planet was ripped apart from under their feet. When Deka and Kylac wake up, they discover Archeons are dead, and the portals have closed without warning, leaving hundreds of planets without links to other worlds.

Rel’s destruction touched every planet in the contacted universe. Without the portals, entire civilizations hang in the balance, and Deka and Kylac are the only two who can make spacetime spheres. The raptor and the fox travel from world to world, repairing the damage the disaster caused, preventing civilization from collapsing.

Floating islands drifting through the toxic atmosphere of a gas giant—offworlders are stranded there, just barely clinging to life. A planet of raised platforms made of growing rock that elevate the people above the flammable algae on the surface—everything is falling apart, and where are the people? A world of giant insects—researchers have gone missing, and they have been injected with mind-altering venom. A planet of salamanders and birdlike reptiles who relied on portals for food—facing starvation, the reptiles revert to hunting the salamanders.

What could have destroyed an entire planet?

What could have reached across the light years to kill so many Archeons at the same time?

Did anyone else survive?

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40296022-dangerous-thoughts

Available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732282404

From KTM Publishing.

Editing by Renee Carter Hall

Cover art by ThemeFinland.

Begin reading:

It's for adults, but not explicitly "adult."

It's the kind of science fiction I've always wanted to read but have found only in very limited quantities, even within the furry world. Science Fiction that features nonhuman characters as the leads instead of the companions, or the sidekicks, or the NPCs, or the villains.

I wrote it to recapture a piece of my childhood. My friends and I created entire imaginary worlds and acted them out, totally improvised, no planning. We would just start doing things and a world and story would emerge out of nothing. Live Action Role-playing at recess--chapter plays happening day after day, all the kids involved picking up where we left off the previous recess.

As a child, I was drawn to other kids who could share these imaginary worlds with me, both in school and away from it. Almost everyone I knew did things like this. My friends outside of school were exceptionally good at it; we created entirely new identities for ourselves, villains to fight, often playing ourselves, the villains, and each other, jumping back and forth as needed. We'd play off each other, and a story would emerge out of nothing. Sometimes they would fizzle out, but sometimes they would take off and become epic.

Join me for the beginning of a new epic adventure inspired by the childhood worlds I acted out with my friends.

A velociraptor (utahraptor, for those in the know) and a fox traveling from planet to planet to save civilization from collapsing.

As the series progresses, its scope only gets larger until it eventually involves not just the fate of the universe, but the multiverse.


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