Barry Palmer, Night Thoughts

Barry Palmer has a new album out.

Night Thoughts

Having heard almost nothing of him since he worked with Mike Oldfield in the 80's, I'm happy he released a solo album. He had a one-of-a-kind voice and I was sad he seemed to fall off the radar. But now he has a new album and I wanted to talk about it.

It's a smooth, easygoing album. The songs are well-written and they have much to say. It's not just two short verses then repeat the chorus five times. No, they tell stories, they last a long, comfortable while, and they're the kind you wish you could sing yourself if you had the voice.

Go to the album's page for sound samples.

My favorite tracks include

Innocent: A great introduction to what the entire album is. (See video above.) If you like this song, you're probably going to like the rest, too.

Dear John: nothing much to say about this one. It was a single in 2001, and it's nice to see it released properly now. It's a catchy song with great lyrics.

Here to Stay: very happy, positive.

Maybe It's You: easily my favorite song on the album. Barry proves he can hit those high notes like he used to. It's a smooth, steady melody with catchy lyrics. This is the song I hum idly at work.

Miracle Tonight: another memorable melody. This is the other song I tend to hum idly.

A Better Man: this is such a sad song, one which Palmer's voice is suitable for.

Check it out!


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