Last Haul complete, 300K words

It's done. Third draft complete as best as I can, thirteen months after I began it. I still worry about the visuals during the final confrontation, but there's always time to fix that up if necessary.

Three books.

One story.


My eyes hurt so much.

My oldest idea is finished. It's about 300,000 words--my second project of such length.

Nobody is going to publish this, not until I prove myself with something shorter. My trip to ConText confirmed it.

So please read my shorter works and enjoy them so I can publish the big stuff :-)

No more big stuff. Everything I do in the foreseeable future will be small. Short. Sweet. Something that won't take up so much energy.

I think I am finally tired. Making my oldest, biggest idea real took a lot of work. Someday it will pay off. Someday everyone will know it.


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